The successful implementation of the Bank’s strategic initiatives is driven by its main asset — a professional, customer-oriented team. Bank Saint Petersburg is one of the largest employers in the North West Region of Russia, employing 4 220 people (as of January 1, 2021). 1 341 people are employed at branches, and 2 879 employees work at the Head Office.

The relationships between the Bank and its employees are based on respectful and mutually beneficial cooperation. The Bank builds an open, creative team to meet the challenges of the new time, improving its staff development, motivation and recognition tools for years. Ambitious projects and challenges invite each team member to unlock their potential by enhancing their knowledge and expanding their competencies.

Staff Composition by Business Line,
January 1, 2020
Staff Composition by Age,
January 1, 2020

Respectful mutually beneficial relations between the Bank and the staff are implemented through development, motivation, and recognition tools for the results achieved. Digital transformation and the continuous search for efficiency gains provide the Bank’s employees with new opportunities to realize their own potential. The implemented practices of kanban and agile, aimed at accelerating the entry into the market of banking products, are gradually becoming a characteristic feature of the Bank’s corporate culture, where an important role is given to team management.


The year 2020 speeded up the deployment of online tools. Our Recruiting and Onboarding team sharpen their skills in online recruiting practices and use digital solutions for interviews, candidate evaluation and onboarding in order to be able to stay in tune with current changes and developments.

In 2020, our HR team have offered an EVP (Employee Value Proposition) concept and signature style. The Bank’s new, outstanding and informative page on the largest recruiting platform represents its value proposition as an employer to attract the best candidates. An individual EVP for IT professionals enables the Bank to compete for talents with technology leaders.

The Bank’s brand in the IT environment is additionally strengthened by our #braincamp, a proven internship project for IT graduates. 2020 saw the launch of the second wave of the program when 25 talented students from industry-specific universities were given an opportunity to work and directly contribute to the Bank’s digital projects on Big Data, technical solution development, testing, and systemic analysis.

The Bank’s Future Banker program designed to train graduates from St. Petersburg universities and young professionals for working with customers has been successfully running for the tenth year in a row. In 2020, the program trained 86 people and 76 of them received an employment offer from the Bank.

In total, the Bank hired 936 new employees in 2020, which is in line with the 2019 figure, regardless of the staff reduction trends observed during the pandemic in Russia and globally.

Thanks to the well-coordinated work by the Bank’s HR team and divisions, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a significant portion of our team was seamlessly moved to the remote work routines. The reliable technical and multi-channel information support of the staff and responsive restructuring of the forms of interactions have ensured safety, health and good performance during the pandemic. With respect to employees of subsidiary offices, all recommended precautions are taken and the staff are regularly tested for coronavirus infection.


The Bank pays great attention to the professional development of the team, increasing its potential in different directions: managerial effectiveness, professional expertise, interaction with the client, digitalization of services and solutions.

The Bank has established a Corporate University to create an environment for the fulfillment of the potential of every member of our team. All employees are distributed between the faculties of business and management and the Digital Academy.

The Corporate University is a successful tool for involvement of management members in the development of the team, enhancement of the interaction and transformation of the corporate culture, knowledge and expertise management, use of new tools and forms of development, improvement of cross-functional team practices, and further development of the distance learning system in order to support the implementation of the Bank’s Strategy and key projects.

For the first time in its history, the Bank has introduced a cross-functional team named the “Product Training System”, which was initiated and is actively contributed to by the HR team with a view to set up an algorithm for managing product training and to introduce common online formats. Over the past year, 350 employees of our corporate business unit attended 196 online training activities; 40 distance learning courses were developed.

Being one of the faculties, in 2020 the Digital Academy focused on competencies that help fuel digital breakthroughs, such as digital marketing, project management, and system analysis. The training was attended by 75 members of cross-functional teams. Compulsory training courses in systemic analysis, business analysis, remote team management, trends of the Information Era, and unit economics were determined for each employee.

The Bank still pays special attention to the development of its management team. In 2020, 256 (44%) managers were trained. All managerial programs were moved online, with training formats including online training sessions, distance learning courses, interactive training chats, and self-guided on-the-job development of skills. With respect to managerial skills, in 2020 the training focused on distributed team management, feedback, and staff motivation.

The Bank uses mentoring and coaching practices to develop its capabilities in the transfer of expertise. 536 employees of the Bank, including four Board members, worked to develop their colleagues in 2019–2020. Training of high-potential managers was contributed to by members of the Bank’s Supervisory Board.

From 2020 onwards, new employees of branches receive induction training remotely. In 2020, employees of the Bank were assigned 173 distance learning courses and tests, which is a 25% increase from 2019 and twice as many as in 2018. The BSPB Corporate University has launched the Eduson, an additional distance learning platform with hundreds of training programs encompassing a wide range of competencies and skills. In 2020, employees of the Bank completed 26 thousand courses and training lectures and passed 55 thousand tests.


In 2020, the Bank underwent a few significant organizational changes. In particular, industry-specific departments that serve large business accounts were combined into larger units last September. Employees of the departments were consolidated into a new site at the Bank’s Head Office where they hold meetings with their clients, including online interactions. Dealings with large business accounts are led by Deputy Chairman of the Management Board Vyacheslav Yermolin.

An emphasis in the structural changes was made on personalized services, high levels of industry specialization, and the ability to adapt to the customer’s needs based on the knowledge of ins and outs of their business. This approach enabled the Bank to achieve its target performance, as well as promoted the growth of its loan portfolio and foreign business portfolio. A survey among large business accounts has identified the Bank’s NPS equal to 63.8. The Bank became the leader of the segment among all the banks included in this survey.

The Micro, Small and Medium-sized Business segment is headed by Chairman of the Board Kirill Kuznetsov. The transformation of the business model in dealings with the segment and the restructuring of processes required the structure to be redesigned as follows: the Directorate for Support of Lending to Mass and Medium-Sized Corporate Businesses and the Directorate for Analysis and Support of Sales on the Mass and Medium-Sized Corporate Business were set up. First of all, the change is intended to help acquire new customers, ensure high quality dealings with the current customer base, and improve customer service in line with their business segment.


The events of 2020 have driven the development of online communications with the staff. The Bank has launched a Telegram channel where employees can receive the latest updates and unique corporate content on their smartphones. We keep our staff informed and maintain their involvement by carrying out regular thematic campaigns which were implemented in a remote format in 2020. During our Digitalization Week, more than 1 500 employees were able to watch presentations by outstanding speakers on the topics, such as the Economy 4.0, technologies of the future, phygital theater, and digital marketing, and also to take part in a charity online marathon, compete in an online quiz, and do “digital” morning exercises every day. The Information Security Week dedicated to the theme of Russian folk warrior heroes provided the Bank’s team with another chance to consolidate their knowledge in an easy-to-remember format.

In 2020, our team celebrated the Bank’s 30th anniversary. Although the event was carried out online, the Bank was able to organize a memorable special day for its employees, as the top management team marked the merits of more than 400 employees and awarded them for their commitment to the Bank’s values of customer focus, partnership, effectiveness, and proactivity in a live stream session. The staff also received online congratulations from performing artists who are our clients, and also from our colleagues from the Bank’s regions of presence.