Bank Saint Petersburg is the largest private bank in Northwest Russia. The financial services provided by the Bank support the local development of the region and its sustainable economic growth, as well as helping individual customers to reach their financial targets.

Services for customers still constitute the core of the Bank’s business. The Bank has 2 077 000 individual customers and 50 000 corporate customers. Its proximity to customers, high processing speed, and flexibility of decisions remain the traditional advantages of Bank Saint Petersburg in the Northwest Region. Combined with the introduction of new quality standards for all operations, settlements and services, these factors determine the Bank’s contribution to the social and economic growth of the Russian Northwest.


The Bank continues to develop its branch network in St. Petersburg, creating the most up-to-date and convenient outlets, lending centers and round-the-clock service locations. As of January 1, 2021, the Bank’s customer service network comprises 63 outlets, six Mortgage Lending Centers and three Car Lending Centers. The numbers of ATMs and POS terminals amounted to 810 units.

Open space provides proper attention to each customer, while spatial zoning is fully aligned with the needs of various customer groups. At the office entrance, there is an extended 24-hour self-service zone. The main part of the office is divided into an operational service zone (for quick operations), a zone for more time-consuming operations, and the cash-desk zone. There is a comfortable waiting area between these zones. At the same time, individual customer services are provided separately, in a designated area away from the main office zones. This Premium zone is for VIP customer services and there is a special room for confidential meetings.

At the same time, the Bank is actively developing its e-business model. In 2020, the Bank launched a number of important digital projects for its customers. Via our mobile app, you can now order a virtual card that can be tokenized (added to your phone’s wallet). The Bank has introduced a simpler application form and submission procedures for consumer loans. The online and mobile banking services provide a more complete and visual information on debit cards, in particular with cards offering cash back. The Bank has speeded up the display of card operations in its mobile banking application — now it appears instantly. Users have an opportunity to pick a credit limit in just a couple of clicks. The Bank has provided an opportunity to recommend the Yarkaya and ICOUNT cards to your friends and get rewards. In addition, the Bank has made considerable investments in ensuring the security of its customers’ money in the digital banking space.

The i2B Internet Bank is currently used by more than 99% corporate customers of Bank Saint Petersburg, with 99% of payments and FX transactions being handled remotely. In 2020, the Bank enhanced its BSPB Business mobile app for corporate customers with new functions. This was highly rated by both users and experts and in 2020, the Bank’s mobile app for corporate customers ranked second in the rating maintained by, a service for choosing financial services from banks and loan companies. In terms of platforms, the BSPB Business topped the rating among Android apps.


Close proximity to customers, a high processing speed and the flexibility of the decision-making process remain the traditional advantages of Bank Saint Petersburg in the Northwest Region.

The Bank introduced its continuously functioning Loan Factory project by fine-tuning the lending process throughout the entire life cycle of a loan, from application review and disbursement of funds to a loan follow-up for both individuals and legal entities. In view of the fact that loan product automation is a crucial element of the Loan Factory, the Bank standardized the procedure for the automation of newly introduced loan products.

The technological leadership of the Bank guarantees a high-speed of digital services. All Internet Bank services — loans, deposits, and cards — are easily available to customers in a click. The service is based on the timely creation of personalized offers and pre-completed forms in the channel most convenient for the customer.


In 2020, maintaining a high standard of customer service both in its online and offline channels regardless of the restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic became one of the key priorities for the Bank.

Customer experience has come to the fore — it was important to help clients to pivot and adapt to the changed conditions, and master customary offline processes in remote service channels. In this period, the number inquiries from clients considerably increased in all channels. Cross-functional task forces have been created to quickly address the issues and identify system problems faced by the customer. This enabled us to sort out all the situations within short time frames and quickly find optimal solutions. The solutions adopted by task forces were then scaled across the Bank, thereby supporting our clients in getting a handle on the new realities and enabling us to anticipate possible questions and considerably reduce the flow of queries.

To continue the work to create a quality management system that started in 2019, the Bank enhanced the role of the Quality Committee in 2020. The Quality Committee is designed to advocate the interests of customers in the development of products and services, give its recommendations on how to improve customer experience when introducing improvements that significantly affect the customer experience, monitor the quality of service at outlets and remote channels. It uses customer feedback to identify and help tackle systemic problems faced by customers, assesses the effectiveness of measures implemented by the Bank’s divisions to improve customer experience, organizes quality measurements (such as by NPS or Net Promoter Score (a consumer loyalty index), CSI or Customer Satisfaction Index, TxR or Temkin Experience Ratings).

Introduced in 2019, the TxR — a tool for the assessment of quality of the Bank’s products and services — has proved to be successful. TxR measurement results were used as a basis for a number of enhancements to the mobile app for retail clients, to implement a set of measures aimed at raising awareness of the rules for accumulation and use of rewards among the YARKO loyalty program participants, and to connect new partners. The TxR behavior shows positive customer response to the enhancements introduced to the mobile app, as well as a rise in satisfaction among clients participating in the YARKO program.

The experience gained throughout the pandemic period has allowed for building a work process with feedback from customers in such a way that the customer’s interests are now the main driving force for all product and process changes in the Bank.

In 2020, well-coordinated work of all divisions has made our customers receptive to the Bank’s efforts.