The Bank makes every effort to increase transparency, in addition to improving the quality and quantity of information available to its investors and shareholders. The Bank is focused on providing equal access to public information to all of its stakeholders.

Bank Saint Petersburg built all the processes in Investor Relations based on the best practice that existed in the world and is striving to maintain them at a high level, extending the circle of communications and the range of products prepared for the market.

Making every effort to maintain a close connection with the investment community, the Bank’s representatives pay significant attention to interacting with its current and potential investors. During 2020, the Investor Relations team held 65 meetings and 10 events, including two roadshows and one business-lunch in Moscow. Also, the Bank took part in six online investor conferences.

Keeping in mind the challenges posed by the current situation and high level of uncertainty, in 2020 the Bank actualized the structure of its presentational materials in order to provide an answer to the most pressing queries from the market, namely business recovery after quarantine and evaluation of pandemic and customer support measures on loan portfolio quality.

Thanks to the successful experience of online investor conference participation via the Zoom platform, which turned into the golden standard in the field of meetings/conferences arrangement in the reality of remote workspaces, the decision was taken to conduct quarterly IFRS earnings calls in a Zoom online video conference.

Proactive communications were carried out as new materials emerged (in the form of presentations, press releases, updating materials on the Bank’s website, etc.). In total, in 2020, IR distributed 37 newsletters (press releases/messages/reports) on the most significant events for the investment community.

Press releases/messages/reports are sent out based on an investor base of about 500 analysts and portfolio managers. In addition, the Investor Relation team weekly provides existing and potential investors and investment bank analysts covering the Bank with five to ten comments necessary to analyze the financial condition of the Bank and make informed investment decisions.

Foreign investors hold about 30% of the Bank’s voting shares.

Foreign Institutional Investor Base


The Bank's ordinary registered shares (state registration number 10300436В, ISIN: RU0009100945) are listed on the stock market of the Moscow Exchange. Since October 28, 2016, ordinary registered shares of the Bank have been traded with listing Level 1 (stock ticker BSPB).

The Bank's shares are included into the following Moscow Exchange indices: Moscow Exchange Indices (Broad Market Index (MOEXBMI/RUBMI); Sectoral Financials Index (MOEXFN/ RTSfn).

Following the Bank’s application, the Moscow Exchange decided to add the preferred shares of Bank Saint Petersburg from December 30, 2020 to the Level 3 list of securities admitted to trading. The Bank's preferred shares (ISIN: RU000A0JP0U9) are traded on the stock market of the Moscow Exchange with ticker symbol BSPBP.