Bank Saint Petersburg is one of the largest banks in the Northwestern Federal District of Russia. Its history spans over 30+ years and stems from a system of specialized government banks. Based on “Zhilsozbank” of that system, on October 3, 1990 “Lenbank” JSC emerged, which was renamed to Bank Saint Petersburg a year later.

Since the first days of operation the Bank set its course towards intensive development, then-new directions emerged on the market: e.g. forex operations, securities operations, cash collections. Dealing operations on international currency and financial markets became by far the most successful direction. Correspondence net expanded up to 130 banks, including foreign ones.

In the mid-1990s the Bank launched banking card emission. The Bank’s own processing center was developed, operating on combined chip and magnet technologies. Thanks to the rapid introduction of new services Bank Saint Petersburg became one of the leaders in the forming local market.

During the economic crises of 1996−1998, the Bank did not back down from its positions, uninterruptedly providing quality financial services to its customers. The Bank provided support to significant industries of the city, particularly, long-term lending programs. For this purpose, a new credit risk management system was developed and implemented in collaboration with Allied Irish Banks in 1997.

At that time the Bank acquired the status of Principal Member in Visa International, which allowed the Bank to launch the first large payroll projects.

In the June of 1998 Bank Saint Petersburg became the first city bank to be allowed by the Central Bank to cash out card accounts. The Bank expanded lending through settlement and forex importers’ accounts, plastic card lending as well as other lending products.

Retail business development was commenced in the Bank’s business strategy. By the beginning of 2000, the Bank provided over 600 types of services, successfully implementing the individual approach in customer service as well as flexible tariff policy.

The Bank is founding its operations on the basis of openness and transparency principles even still to this day, which is regularly confirmed by financial results. The active business position of the Bank allows it to develop collaborations with international financial institutions and opens up new prospects for interbank operations development, trade finance, and lending. In 2007, the Bank hit a new developmental milestone by a successful IPO, raising USD 274 mln. The book was oversubscribed seven times, which became a record for a Russia-based company IPO.

The best European market practice was a benchmark to a new cutting-edge business strategy of the Bank. Customer policy was oriented towards building long-term positive relations with the customer. At its base were the Bank’s reliability, individual approach to the customer, service mobility, and ad-hoc reaction to the customer’s needs. Active customer base growth of the Bank was coupled with a “middle” segment share increase. Retail position strengthening was in focus: the Bank targeted developing Internet banking, increasing physical presence, improving plastic cards service, acquiring, and expanding a lending product line, particularly in mortgage lending.

Celebrating our 30th anniversary, we are rightfully proud of our market share, long-term customer relations, a strong team of professionals, our impeccable reputation and goodwill earned over the years passed.

At this time Bank Saint Petersburg plays a significant and constructive role in the national banking system development, with which it shares its history since its establishment. In the environment of both global and local challenges, dealing with new arising issues, the Bank should strive to remain a stability stronghold: uninterrupted operations maintenance and customer service are still our priorities. In the current circumstances we strive not only to provide customer support but also to offer development and take a step forward with us and our new efficient solutions, cutting-edge innovative technologies and as always a quality service. We optimistically look towards the future and set out our plans accordingly, and are secure in their successful fulfillment. We are being entrusted by over 2 mln retail customers and 50 000 companies. We are grateful to our customers for sticking with us throughout the years, and we are always ready to suit their financial requests.